Saturday, May 18, 2013

Never is too late to apologize

Hello guys!

Never is too late to apologize. I'm here to explain why did I stop posting or sharing things here.

As you all know I'm at college, sutudying Economics. It is a hard course, but I'm going well. I also have a scholarship at my university because I'm the best student in my semester. But is all ok. To keep with my scholarship it demands a lot of time and efforts, as it demanded last year. But now is my good news: I got a job! I'm research assistent in the best place to do Economic Research. There is my place, a great dream and opportunity. That is why I do not have more time (even to sleep haha!) to build or share things with you. But do not think that I forfeit or I will not more share things. No. I'll, but slowly... I hope you understand :)

Great day for you, guys!


  1. Awww, shame. But I'm glad you're doing good with job and stuff, well done :) Oh well, we will just have to wait. It's totally ok, after all you have created magnificent stuff for us! Best of luck, dear!

  2. Totally understand, Rafa. I am really glad you are okay and that things are going so well for you. Congratulations on your scholarship and your job! You are missed. :)


  3. I'm sorry!

    I know I'm late, but It'll take a little more time than I expected to be back online. Who knows what the future are saving 4 us? Hope you get this one! ;)