Sunday, December 30, 2012

The last 2012 post! Thank you!

Hello guys!

Today I wont share any lot with you.

I'd like to say a great 'Thank You!' to you all. You were very nice with me. I always built lots to my game, and I always showed the pics to some friends. They said 'Wow, Rafa, they are so nice! They are not the perfect, but seem very nice! Why don't you share them?' ... I Shared a little number of them in some projects that my friends and the Brazilian community made, but only there.

But, in this year I decided to do something different. I read a book : 'The Blue Ocean Strategy' and I realized that I did this strategy, at least a part of it, in my lots. A friend of mine said again 'Why don't you share them?' . I decided to share them!

I Build them not for 'building' or 'to share something'. I only build when I'm inspirited and I do it for relaxing. That is why I'm so glad that you liked them! And that is why I say my great 'Thank You!'

This was a very special year in my personal life as well, and one of my realizations was this Blog. I hope keep building and keep sharing my lots and other creations with you.

To end this text, I'd like to share with you two things: One is a pic with some previews and some photos that I took from my neighborhoods. The other one is a great video that made the difference in my life and I hope it make the difference in yours as well. Thank you!

Have a nice New Year's Eve,

Thank you,


And the video:


  1. Well rafa for some reason i wasnt able to see the video! But i would like to thank you for all your beautiful lots,I have really enjoyed playing my sims in them. And i will hope you will continue to showcase here! Thank You Rafa :)

    1. Thank You!! I'm happy that you enjoyed! If you are not able to see the video embed that I uploaded in the blog you can also copy-and-paste the link for the youtube video. It is the same. Thank you again!

  2. You're welcome Rafa, and I thank you also for all you have shared with us. I was able to watch the video..i love the message in it.

    1. I'm Happy you liked it, Kim! Thank you!!!! I Watch this video now every single morning, when I woke up, before leaving the bedroom. Thank you!