Sunday, November 18, 2012

New Sub-Menus! Lots Reclassified!

Hello There!

Today I changed some things in the sub-menus navigation bar in the let side of the page. I reclassified some lots: The old section 'Community Lots' doesn't exist anymore. But a new sections 'Shop Lots' , 'Cultural Lots', 'Restaurant Lots', 'Gym Lots' and 'Club Lots' are available now.

My idea is just make it easy to search or look for a special type of lot. In the old menu all those lots were together and you were forced to read each one of them to understand what is inside of each one. Now it is easily. If you want a shop lot you just will have to read and understand less numbers of lots and chose what you want.

So, What is New?
Shop Lots

Here you'll find all Shopping Centers, Shopping Malls, Single Shops like Groceries, Clothes Stores and other stores. In the future this section will probably be reclassified again, in 'Shop Lots; Grocery Stores; Clothes Stores' .

Club Lots
 Here you'll find all Club Lots like Dance Clubs, Bowling Lots, Bar and all those nightlife lots.
Cultural Lots
 Here you'll find all lots that may improve your sims culture, like Museums, Library, Schools, Movies and all those things.
Restaurant Lots
 Here you'll find all Restaurant Lots, like fancy restaurants, wedding houses, thematic-restaurants, fast-food restaurant, bakeries and all those things...
GYM Lots
 Here you'll find all fitness lot that make your sims more fit and in shape. Public pools, Pools, GYMs, Clinics and all those things

I hope it works and, of course, you like it!

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