Sunday, December 21, 2014

Under Maitenance

Hello there!

It's been a long time since the last time I came here. So, I'll try to fix everything that is broken (so my PC Video-board, hehehe) and share what I still have here on my old-pc with you guys.

Untill there, every single donwload post will be offline.

See you soon!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Never is too late to apologize

Hello guys!

Never is too late to apologize. I'm here to explain why did I stop posting or sharing things here.

As you all know I'm at college, sutudying Economics. It is a hard course, but I'm going well. I also have a scholarship at my university because I'm the best student in my semester. But is all ok. To keep with my scholarship it demands a lot of time and efforts, as it demanded last year. But now is my good news: I got a job! I'm research assistent in the best place to do Economic Research. There is my place, a great dream and opportunity. That is why I do not have more time (even to sleep haha!) to build or share things with you. But do not think that I forfeit or I will not more share things. No. I'll, but slowly... I hope you understand :)

Great day for you, guys!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

The last 2012 post! Thank you!

Hello guys!

Today I wont share any lot with you.

I'd like to say a great 'Thank You!' to you all. You were very nice with me. I always built lots to my game, and I always showed the pics to some friends. They said 'Wow, Rafa, they are so nice! They are not the perfect, but seem very nice! Why don't you share them?' ... I Shared a little number of them in some projects that my friends and the Brazilian community made, but only there.

But, in this year I decided to do something different. I read a book : 'The Blue Ocean Strategy' and I realized that I did this strategy, at least a part of it, in my lots. A friend of mine said again 'Why don't you share them?' . I decided to share them!

I Build them not for 'building' or 'to share something'. I only build when I'm inspirited and I do it for relaxing. That is why I'm so glad that you liked them! And that is why I say my great 'Thank You!'

This was a very special year in my personal life as well, and one of my realizations was this Blog. I hope keep building and keep sharing my lots and other creations with you.

To end this text, I'd like to share with you two things: One is a pic with some previews and some photos that I took from my neighborhoods. The other one is a great video that made the difference in my life and I hope it make the difference in yours as well. Thank you!

Have a nice New Year's Eve,

Thank you,


And the video:

Sunday, November 18, 2012

New Sub-Menus! Lots Reclassified!

Hello There!

Today I changed some things in the sub-menus navigation bar in the let side of the page. I reclassified some lots: The old section 'Community Lots' doesn't exist anymore. But a new sections 'Shop Lots' , 'Cultural Lots', 'Restaurant Lots', 'Gym Lots' and 'Club Lots' are available now.

My idea is just make it easy to search or look for a special type of lot. In the old menu all those lots were together and you were forced to read each one of them to understand what is inside of each one. Now it is easily. If you want a shop lot you just will have to read and understand less numbers of lots and chose what you want.

So, What is New?
Shop Lots

Here you'll find all Shopping Centers, Shopping Malls, Single Shops like Groceries, Clothes Stores and other stores. In the future this section will probably be reclassified again, in 'Shop Lots; Grocery Stores; Clothes Stores' .

Club Lots
 Here you'll find all Club Lots like Dance Clubs, Bowling Lots, Bar and all those nightlife lots.
Cultural Lots
 Here you'll find all lots that may improve your sims culture, like Museums, Library, Schools, Movies and all those things.
Restaurant Lots
 Here you'll find all Restaurant Lots, like fancy restaurants, wedding houses, thematic-restaurants, fast-food restaurant, bakeries and all those things...
GYM Lots
 Here you'll find all fitness lot that make your sims more fit and in shape. Public pools, Pools, GYMs, Clinics and all those things

I hope it works and, of course, you like it!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Don't you have all SP or EP required for my lots? NO PROBLEMS!

Hello there!

I Received some emails asking me if it would be really necessary all the SP that I listed in the lot description for the lot to work. The answer is: NO.

If you install my lots with the default installer wizard from Maxis, then you'll need all EPs and SPs that I said that are required, BUT there is an alternate way to install them without all those EPs and SPs:Sims2Pack Clean Installer.

If you have Clean Installer in your pc AND use it to install my lots, you'll be able to install the lot just fine. Of course, the features that require some SPs or EPs won't appear in your game, but all the other things will work.

Also, installing the lot with Clean Installer will let you select what you want and what you don't want to add to your game. It's really great. So, even you don't have all the EPs or SPs required you still CAN have my lots.

I hope that helped you.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Storage System - 4Shared no more!

Hello there! I decided to stop uploading the lots on 4Shared. To download on it you have to do a little (but free) subscribe and I know that is annoying. I solved this problem uploading my files (since last month) also on DepositFiles and FileSwap. Nothing changes for you, but I thought it would be nice to tell you in advance.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Simland Cinema

Hello, Friends! I'll post today a Movie-Theater-Themed lot. It's all functional.Sims can watch and eat there.There are also some special posters downloaded at ModTheSims2 that increase the film and Literature enthusiasm.It's amazing!!!

It was already posted on SimsCave . I Think you'll need All EP's but only H&M SP to install it.


Palm House

Hello, Friends! I'll post today a Modern-Themed house.The house has a lot of single items and clutters, perfect to Photo-Shoots.

I Think you'll need all the SP's and EP's to install it.

It was already posted on SimsCave .


Brazilian Suburban House

Hello, Friends! I'll post today a Mediterranean-Themed House.Houses like this are so common in the Brazil.In this house you will find two special gifts:The first is a Coffee Tree (Called 'Pé de Café') extracted from The Sims Castaway.The Second is a Clay Jar, called (Filtro de Barro), where the Brazilians put fresh water to drink.

I Think you will need all EP's and SP's to install this lot.

It was already posted on SimsCave .

The Coffee Tree (Pé de Café)

The Clay Jar (Filtro de Barro)


Seagull Comercial Shopping Center

Hello, Friends!! I'll post today a commercial lot.Its full of single meshes and clutters.Seriously.Its not playable, but perfect to do Photo-Shoots with posebox.It was already posted on SimsCave and it was also a gift to the readers of the Brazilian Magazine .pontopackage . If you want to see other and detailed photos, click on the magazine link and click on the 'Right Gray Arrow'.


Atlantic Avenue

Hello, Friends! I'll post today my old lots that are on the web some years ago...

This is the Atlantic Avenue House. Its a Beach-Themed residential lot, perfect for vacations or photo-studios. It's already posted on SimsCave . I think that All SP's and EP's would be necessary to install the lot. Have fun!



Hello Friends! I'm R. a Brazilian guy that loves build on Sims 2 on the free times.I hope you enjoy my single lots.I have a lot of lots here that I'll publishing..

Enjoy the blog and share it! I just ask: DO NOT SHARE MY LOTS  .If you want to share them with your friends, please, copy the blog link or the 4shared link.